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Twelve key facts

  • All our senior account directors have been with the business since we started
  • We pay our onsite teams on KPI results, not on levels of profit
  • All of our flexi-workers are engaged on contracts of employment from day one
  • Our margins are index linked to our clients’ KPIs
  • We deselect around 70% of all applicants to make sure of best fit candidates
  • We have less than 3% absenteeism across our 4000+ workforce
  • We’ve successfully managed transfer programmes of over 3000 workers in the past two years
  • We guarantee to reduce our clients’ labour costs and will underwrite this pledge
  • We have national training partners who can support upskilling and training in voice pick, LLOP and FLT
  • Over 300 flexi-workers transfer to our clients each year based on their work quality
  • We’ve had a RIDDOR rate of just 0.002% in the last twelve months
  • We’re 100% compliant with GLA audits

Our management team

With large teams to motivate and manage to perform at their very best, every day brings new challenges and opportunities.

Our onsite teams have what it takes to establish themselves as an extension to your management team. All highly experienced, all with the business since it started and all specialists in our clients’ worlds, they’re there to get results – and they do.

Well used to working in fast-paced environments, they lead by example in developing and supporting teams, ensuring compliance, continually improving our service offer and constantly looking for new ways to support cost-saving.

We’ll live and breathe your culture – understanding your business, achieving your targets and working closely with your key operational people. Our teams won’t be remunerated on revenue and profit. They’ll be rewarded on the quality of the service they deliver, and the agreed KPIs they achieve.

And because we believe in and want to be accountable for adding value to your business, one of our senior account directors will regularly meet with you to review our service commitments and see how we can continue to develop and improve.

Our values

Immersed in our customers

We immerse ourselves in understanding and implementing what our clients want, embracing their culture and delivering their work ethic.


We dedicate ourselves with passion to helping our clients, our flexi-workers and each other.


Each of us takes full responsibility for our performance and the quality of everything we do.

Always improving

We’re always striving to help our clients, flexi-workers and staff to be more productive and successful.