DHL to roll out vision picking in its warehouses

DHL Supply Chain is expanding vision picking in its warehouses following the completion of a series of augmented reality pilots. And it is now looking into additional applications for augmented and virtual reality such as trainings, maintenance, dimension calculations and more. The vision picking trials showed an average improvement of productivity by 15 per cent

EU plan to improve parcel price transparency

European cross-border parcel prices are set to become more transparent following a provisional agreement on a European Union regulation on deliveries. The main elements of the new regulation are: Price transparency: The regulation does not impose a cap on prices, but aims to foster competitive pressure by allowing users to compare domestic and cross-border tariffs.

The Body Shop’s approach to automation technology will…

The Body Shop’s approach to automation technology will be the focus of a major presentation at the Supply Chain Conference in March. Simon Pattenden, international supply chain projects manager, will consider the challenges and benefits of using automation from a retailer’s perspective, notably what improvements does automation technology give to online e-commerce customers? He will

DHL Freight tests electric 7.5 tonners

DHL Freight has taken delivery of two FUSO eCanters made by Daimler for a 24-month test of the electric trucks in the Berlin metropolitan area. The 7.5-ton eCanter is the first all-electric, series-produced truck. “By deploying the eCanter, we hope to reduce emissions from our forwarding business, as well as local air pollution emissions, which