Onsite Services

Cross utilisation of staff:

Single Resource work diligently to understand the complexities of your operation and then make sure that the work force is as competent as possible to deliver in every area. We target your most valued and highest performing workers to ensure that through cross skilling, we can maximise their working hours. To this end we will identify workers capable and willing to be cross trained and offered secondary skill sets to drive resilience and efficiencies, adding value throughout the business. The same method is applied to geographical areas where peak profiles for different sites or customers offset and may offer the opportunity to cross utilise work force pools of tried and tested workers reducing the impact of recruitment and learning curve costs.


As with all worker engagement, communication is key. We have regular worker briefings pre and post shift. From day to day shift allocation, through to major announcements on legislation changes or even Brexit, Single Resource regularly update our staff with our comprehensive notice boards, drop in surgeries and our use of the latest technology to offer clear and concise communication to our workforce keeping them fully updated on all that is important to their work and wellbeing.

Performance Management:

We are not just a labour provider where we feel our responsibility ends when our workers arrive at your site. We are invested in your business, and to that end we will ensure we have a dedicated shop floor presence with supervisors and managers who understand the process and are trained to identify barriers to performance and feedback on ways to improve. Using tablet technology to provide real time data to the workers and customer management teams we can influence performance and productivity quickly and add value to our service provision with measured and tangible savings.

Worker Engagement:

We often recognise that the best way to attract and retain workers outside of pay and hours is to ensure there is a consistent and achievable reward and recognition scheme as part of our benefits for workers. This can make sure workers feel valued and has shown to improve attendance and productivity. We provide an online benefits platform where workers can get vouchers and discounts from major High street brands. We run worker attendance raffles, performers of the month and onsite competitions.

As well as providing extra incentives for performance and attendance we run worker surveys. We do these on a 6 monthly basis and these are invaluable in terms of gaining feedback from our workforce on what is important and impacting on their work and well being. This gives clarity and opportunity for us and our customers alike to address issues which may be affecting retention and efficient working practices. Using the latest technology we can regularly check feedback at local sites or at a national level.

The Company



Within the Quality and Compliance Department at Single Resource we take compliance with legislative and industry standards extremely seriously.  We aim to work collaboratively with our supply chains to implement best practice and protect our business, our workers and our clients.  With a team of auditors trained to audit against legislative and industry standards, including the GLAA Licencing Standards and the Ethical Trading Initiative, we aim to provide a compliant and responsible recruitment service to both our workers and our client base.

We work alongside the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority to improve industry standards and raise awareness of modern day slavery, we also have board representation on the Association of Labour Providers. In 2018, we were very proud to be invited to speak at a number of Modern Slavery Events in order to raise awareness of labour exploitation and also became the first labour provider to become a business partner of Bright Future, an initiative set up to support victims of Modern Slavery to integrate back into the working environment.

Our team members have been trained and equipped with the tools to identify potential cases of Modern Slavery, along with the responsibility of our internal ‘Stop Exploit’ phone line.  We pride ourselves in finding this hidden crime and work with the authorities and our clients to prevent and protect vulnerable and exploited workers.

The importance of an integrated Quality and Compliance Department into the operational functions of Single Resource is key to achieving compliance and continuously improving the services we provide.  By having our support in monitoring compliance, updating policies and procedures and identifying potential signs of labour exploitation, the operational teams can continue to meet our client’s requirements.



Our HR team is ingrained in the operations and support functions of the business to help deliver the businesses objectives and values through its people. Through working with legislative bodies, ensuring up to date knowledge and expanding our understanding beyond Single Resource to our customer base; their industry, business needs and culture, the HR team is key in providing the right advice and support to our employees’ and workers, and in turn, people solutions to our customers in relation to a multitude of HR functions to include: service provision transfers, employee relations, welfare and development, and, engagement and reward.

Our L&D department supports our front and back office teams, enabling them to deliver on the needs of our clients and our workers, whilst ensuring compliance, by providing learning and support on essential topics including regulation, operational best practice, customer service, relationship building and more. Our ability to deliver classroom training in our purpose-built Training Suite; electronic learning via our bespoke Learning Management System; and give on the job support across our network of over 120 national sites, means that our colleagues are always improving their skills, knowledge and performance.
IT Systems

Information Technology touches every part of Single Resource and what it does. The IT Department is responsible for ensuring that the business has access to the best technology and support so that our onsite teams can deliver for our clients.

We look after the infrastructure that connects all our onsite offices to the Single Resource network. From day one, the technical team will work closely with our dedicated implementation teams to get our onsite offices up and running as quickly as possible.

Sometimes having access to the best technology means being prepared to build it yourself. When the right solution for our onsite business was not available, we developed it. Now, the 360 front-office system provides our onsite teams with an industry-leading platform and the flexibility to respond quickly to our client's needs.

We have a dedicated development team that continues to develop and improve the platform.


Our Marketing department isn’t just focused on assisting our sales team, they are a vital part of our overall recruitment strategy, nationally and on a site by site basis. We have multiple candidate attraction streams to help get you the best candidates.

With our online presence we work alongside and post jobs with some of the world’s largest job boards. We operate across social media channels having graphics and videos targeted at candidates suitable for your company.

Importantly we don’t neglect the use of offline materials such as flyers and posters to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Our Marketing department work closely alongside our Quality & Compliance department to make sure all the advertising is legal & compliant to protect our brand and yours.

Our Business Support department provide the data behind our recruitment services. This department reviews and confirms that the Management Information of each site is correct and up to date. This data can be presented to show you the information you really want to know on your site.

We can assist with bespoke service reviews for clients, putting a magnifying glass on our performance on a site by site basis. We can also provide demographics data & salary survey information to ensure your company is remaining competitive in the areas you operate.


Our payroll department is in house to ensure that all HMRC legislative rulings are adhered to and that we are fully kept up to date with yearly updates on future changes. We thrive to achieve a high level of accuracy and to pay our workers on time. We offer a more personal service to workers so that queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.