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Registering and Pay

What happens at registration?

The first stage of the registration process is completing our registration documents which will include your work history, experiences and qualifications where applicable.
Once you have completed the documents, an onsite consultant will conduct a formal one-to-one interview. It is at this stage your consultant will talk to you about the information you have completed and assess the type of work you are looking for. Your consultant may have assignments to discuss with you at this stage.
You will be asked at registration to provide contact details for two references that we can get in touch with before placing you in an assignment.
Our registration process can take up to an hour / hour and a half depending on the details provided and the type of work you are registering for. Please allow enough time for you initial appointment in order to gain the most productive result.

How will I be paid?

Each week your hours will be monitored either by a clocking in / out system, timesheet or similar method. You will be informed of the way in which your hours are monitored at the start of each assignment. You will be paid a week in arrears each Friday into your bank account.

How will I know what I have been paid?

If you have provided us with your mobile number you will receive a text message free of charge advising you on a Wednesday with the amount you will be paid on the Friday for the previous week worked. You will also be given details of how to access your online payslip and pay history once you have completed your first assignment.

What do I do if I have a query on my wages?

Firstly, contact your consultant on the site and they should be able to answer your query. If this is not dealt with satisfactory you can then call our Flexi-Worker advice line on 0800 197 1117.

I am a limited company, what do you need in order to pay me?

We would require to see your certificate of incorporation and a copy of your VAT certificate (if applicable) at the interview. We will then take copies of these for our files.

Do I need to pay to register for work?

No, we do not charge you to register and we do not charge you for work finding services.


Do I get holiday pay?

Yes you are entitled to 28 days holidays per year if you work full time, this includes bank holidays. You are not automatically paid for Bank Holidays you need to book these off in the normal way. Our holiday year runs from 1st May each year.

How do I accrue holiday?

You accrue holiday each week that you work. This is calculated on an average of the standard hours worked over the least 12 weeks worked.

How do I book holidays?

You would need to contact your consultant in branch and ask for a holiday form, giving a minimum of 2 weeks notice

How do I report absence?

If you are sick or unable to attend work you need to call the branch as early as possible but in any event at least 1 hour prior to your start time.

Can I book a holiday?

Yes, on receipt of your completed holiday form we will check your accrual and authorise your holiday. No holiday can be taken until authorised.


How will I know when my assignment is going to end?

Your Single Resource representative will inform you of when your assignment will end, if you are unsure please contact them directly.

When my assignment comes to an end will Single Resource have any other positions in the area?

We have accounts through the UK so we will endeavour to find you another assignment. If you are able to relocate or commute there are many options.

How long will my assignment last?

Each assignment will last for the duration required by the client.