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Best Fit Selection

Best Fit Selection

It’s long and laborious for us – but it pays. We use a rigorous deselective and training process to make sure that the people we employ at the end give you the best possible fit with what you need. They’ll have a genuine interest in what you do, and the right skill set to complement your permanent workforce.

The people we employ are always the best possible fit for your business

They’ll hit the ground running. They’ll be up to speed in the shortest possible time. And that means the best chance of achieving optimum results and productivity.

The first stage after attracting possible local candidates is pre-screening and deselection over the phone. The second involves one-to-one, face-to-face assessments where we measure competence, practical and numerical skills and command of English. At the third and final stage we take the remaining candidates into your working environment, make sure they understand expectations, take up references, carry out an induction including health and safety, and hold them in readiness. This stage also often includes LLOP, voice profiling and dummy picks.

As a key part of preparing our flexi-workers to be ready and effective when they start work, we work closely with the National Skills Academy for Logistics (NSAL) – an industry body that helps steer government policy and develops skills within the logistics sector through professional training.

This demanding deselection and preparation process, which we carry out specifically and individually for each client, lays the successful foundations for everything that follows.

We’ll be meticulous in planning your labour requirements – including planning for the unexpected to take away risk.

Improved People Performance