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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

How quickly do you want to save money? Let’s start today.

Our first step is normally a free site analysis that’s carried out by one of our senior operations managers. It builds a picture of the level of service you’re currently receiving, the issues we identify, and how we’d overcome them. This leads on to a value added proposal with initiatives and benefits based on the KPIs we agree with you.

So you continue to get more for less

We’ll own and take responsibility for key milestones and objectives. We’ll manage and report them on a daily or weekly basis as an objective, accurate measure of our performance. We’ll review the plan monthly or quarterly with you – making sure we’re meeting KPIs, adapting to new demands, and seeing what more we can achieve.

But we’ll want to go even further still. We’ll carry on looking for new ways and leaner processes to drive additional savings, greater efficiency or higher productivity for the lifetime of the contract – so you continue to get more for less.

As one of the UK’s leading managed services providers – and as a real partner rather than just a supplier – our senior management team will bring you the specialised expertise and knowledge of best practice gained from many years of successful experience working in your field.

And we certainly won’t be satisfied by cutting operational margin by a few pence per hour. This is about delivering you substantial, long term and sustainable savings and improvements.

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