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Minimised Risk

Minimised Risk

We understand it can be a big decision to change from one labour provider to another. What’s the risk? Will you save money? Will service levels improve? Will the outgoing agency be disruptive and bring productivity to a halt?

We’ve successfully transferred over 5000 workers in the last 6 years

We know how to take the risk out of this change. Our proven transition programme, managed by our specialist national implementation team, makes sure that your business won’t feel any effect during the transfer. Many clients tell us they hardly know the change is going on.

We’ve successfully transferred over 5,000 workers since 2006. Our largest transfer so far involved more than 800 people over an eight week period.

Following a structured, proven approach that’s fully in line with TUPE, our experienced and dedicated implementation team is normally on-site for between four and eight weeks.

They put in place an effective training programme to up-skill and develop the existing account management and admin team to our high standards – making sure they’ll be able to get results and deliver extra value.

In many cases we’re able to provide increased benefits to the people we take on, and compensation packages to incumbent suppliers.

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